Monday, April 4, 2011

Learn To Live Instead Of Exist...

This is (hopefully) going to be an ongoing post that I add to every time I do something that I feel is worthy of 'living':


Went to Baltimore with Charlotte to eat at Holy Frijoles (which was delicious) and then we couldn't decide what to do. So I looked into the "bag of fun" I brought (in addition to my purse) and pulled out my camera, some blank labels, and a few markers. We stopped on the side of Centre St. by Walter's Art Gallery and made our labels:

Then we went out stickering!

We found some interesting things along the way:

Glad I did it. <3

Play In The Rain

The best part of accomplishing this goal was that it was spontaneous and I had, in the moment, forgotten that it was on my list. Went out to Sushi in the city with Charlotte, Katie, Andrew, Helen, and Nick and on the drive home we jammed out to random radio songs including "Get Low"...yes.

By the time we got home it was raining and I went to get in my car to go home. "Firework" was playing on the radio in both our cars so I put my car back into park and jumped out of the car to dance with Charlotte and Katie in the rain.

Baby you're a firework

Come on let your colors burst 
make em go OH OH OH

show em what you're worth!

Perfect. <3