Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things I Did Not Accomplish:

Go to an amusement park: This was simply from lack of time. It ended up coming down to this or the Broadway show, so I chose the latter. It's definitely going on the list for next year though. :)

Play in the rain: This was due to procrastination. By the time I realized I hadn't done it yet was too late because it didn't rain between then and my birthday. :/ Going on the list for next time.

Read a book: Cover to cover? Nope. I'm lazy. I really need to do this though.

Pass out Tuesday Brochures: I didn't actually get to pass them out to strangers, but I did make them, and I do have them, and I did take them with me to Chicago and gave them to April and Jes. No pictures though. :(

Get a passport: This seems like something I need to do once I decide on a place that I'm actually going to go to. So it's going on the next list, but only because my other goal is to leave the country.

Visit somewhere not in the US: Read above: Goal is to do this before 2012 now. Hopefully somewhere in Europe, I feel like Canada is cheating.

PS- Sorry it took so long to close out this blog. But it's done now! Yay!

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